Viv'Alliance was established with the aim of offering a wide range of services in the field of preclinical research and development of new molecules, and administration systems for medical products for human and veterinary use. The services of the Alliance include projects, studies, technical support and/or other activities.  Compliance with GLP regulations is ensured through the analysis and evaluation of all studies, procedures, facilities and staff of all companies and by guidance on GLP certification.


Viv’Alliance is made up of a group of reliable biopharma contract research organizations providing one-stop-shop services for preclinical R&D projects. All the alliance members are service providers with strong track records and experience, and they have successfully participated in many preclinical developments for human and animal health purposes.


Viv’Alliance offers solutions to fulfill the requirements of preclinical drug development. We can provide from a single non-regulatory exploratory study to a full regulatory development package. Working with Viv’Alliance allows you to work with the most qualified and specialized company for each activity in order to benefit from a service of excellence.


As soon as a client contacts Viv’Alliance and according to the characteristics of the project, a Project Manager is assigned to provide full support from the beginning. Meetings, teleconferences and videoconferences may involve experts from different companies as if different departments of the same enterprise were consulted, always in coordination with the project manager.


A standardized system to re-unite the client’s requirements and to prepare the quotations and service agreements is in place. Depending on the client’s needs we can manage a comprehensive quotation or individual versions for each service and member. Moreover, invoicing can be managed in the same way, comprehensive or detailed, depending on the client´s needs. Before starting up a new project, a study director is nominated to manage the deliverables related to the new project, for example, the responsibility of issuing the protocol and the final report at the end of study. Principal investigators with the responsibility of issuing contributing reports are nominated in every participant center.


The members of the Alliance have signed a very strict confidentiality agreement between them to allow exchange of information  with the sole purpose to provide the client with technical proposals and quotations. The signature of a CDA with one of the members bonds the rest of the members with the same degree of confidentiality and the same responsibilities. If preferred, individual CDAs may also be signed separately with the alliance members involved in the project.